If you are told to change the battery every four years, it is a one-size-fits-all statement, and it is not tenable. Because the life span of the battery is related to the usage habits of each car, whether the car is often not started for a long time, the amount of on-board electronic equipment, and the frequency of use. Some cars have been used for 2 years, and the battery is scrapped, and some have been used for 6 years without any problems. Of course, the above does not include the battery failure.

Therefore, we can judge whether the battery is replaced by the phenomenon, and the use time can only be used as an auxiliary judgment factor.

Today we mainly talk about battery-related hard core dry goods from the aspects that everyone is more concerned about.

·How to judge the battery needs to be replaced?

First judge whether the battery is losing power

When the battery loses power, it is easy to judge, and it takes longer to fire. Under normal circumstances, the engine hits with a "lie" sound, and now it takes a long time to hit, babble, babble, babble.

In addition, the various lights on the dashboard at this time exist like a magical phenomenon, flashing and dimming, just like the scene where the hero and heroine is about to pass through on the TV (you can fill in the picture of the cross film), or the dashboard The battery light on the battery lights up directly.

It should be noted that the loss of power does not mean that the battery needs to be replaced, but the reason for the loss of power needs to be analyzed.

The first reason: daily frequent short-distance car use, such as driving to and from get off work almost every day, and the battery has been used for more than 40,000 kilometers, the high probability is that the battery has reached the end of life;

At this time, you can go to the auto repair shop and replace it with a new battery.

2. Then judge whether the battery has reached the "end of life" time.

Another reason is that the car has not been started for a long time, and the battery is losing electricity. You can try to start the car and run for a while, just like letting people who have been sleeping for several days move their joints, but they will be active. A more abundant reason, then use the car according to the normal frequency (it is better not to keep the car for a long time, destroy the battery), and then observe. If the battery is still losing power frequently, the battery has to be replaced (it is also possible that an electrical component of the vehicle is discharging). Specifically, you can go to the auto repair shop to check the battery situation. At the beginning of this year, during the epidemic, everyone can only stay at home and cannot go out. This kind of power loss is more frequent, especially in winter, the power loss will be more serious. So everyone should pay more attention to the maintenance of car batteries.

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