Hey there! Are you in the market for an upgrade that not only lightens your ride but also boosts its performance? Are you want to wholesale motorcycle battery or custom motorbike battery? If so, you've likely been eyeing up lithium motorcycle batteries. Which is the best motorcycle lithium-ion battery, or which brand produces the best motorcycle lithium-ion battery? We answer questions from buyers, wholesalers, and retail users every day. Now, I have researched many brands and summarized 5 brands with excellent reputation and quality for your reference. 


1. Antigravity Batteries

Leading the charge is Antigravity Batteries, a brand synonymous with high performance and innovation. Known for their lithium race batteries and custom motorcycle battery options, Antigravity has carved out a niche for riders seeking exceptional quality. Their batteries are not just about starting your bike; they're about providing a reliable power source for high-demand applications, making every ride smoother and more efficient.

Pros: High-performance, lightweight, and reliable.

Cons: Premium pricing reflects their top-tier status.



NOCO isn't just a name; it's a guarantee of quality and durability. With a range of 12v lithium-ion batteries for motorcycles, NOCO has established itself as a go-to for riders across the spectrum. Their products are praised in lithium motorcycle battery reviews for their longevity and robustness, making them an excellent investment for any rider.

Pros: Durable, long-lasting, and versatile.

Cons: Some models may be on the heavier side compared to other lithium options.



SHORAI has been a game-changer in the lithium motorcycle battery market, offering lightweight and efficient batteries that pack a punch. Their LiFePO4 motorcycle batteries are particularly noted for their cold-weather performance, addressing one of the common concerns about lithium batteries' performance in lower temperatures.

Pros: Lightweight, efficient, and cold-weather resilient.

Cons: Premium pricing for premium performance.



DAKOTA LITHIUM BATTERIES bring ruggedness to the table, with products designed to endure the toughest conditions. Their lithium ion motorcycle battery review scores are consistently high, thanks to the batteries' reliability and long life spans. DAKOTA LITHIUM is all about providing power that lasts, making them a stellar choice for adventurers.

Pros: Durable, reliable, with a significant lifespan.

Cons: Might be an overkill for casual riders.


5. Starlight Power (Tykool Brand)

Starlight Power, with their Tykool brand, is quickly becoming a favorite among riders for their wholesale motorcycle battery options. Their commitment to quality and performance, coupled with competitive pricing, makes them a standout. Plus, Tykool LiFePO4 Powersports battery features a built-in intelligent BMS, making it ideal for all types of vehicles, including ATVs, UTVs, motorboats, four wheeled vehicles, riding lawn mowers, tractors, and scooters.

Pros: Built in intelligent BMS, with an LED display screen, high power output, great value for money, reliable. 

Cons: As a newer player, brand recognition is still growing.



Wanted to run a smaller battery for the racecar, it worked.


Are Lithium Motorcycle Batteries Worth It?

After delving into what these top companies offer, it's clear that lithium motorcycle batteries bring several advantages to the table. They're lighter, more efficient, and have longer lifespans than traditional lead-acid batteries. The initial investment might be higher, but the long-term benefits and performance gains make them a worthwhile upgrade for any serious rider.


So there you have it – a roundup of the top 5 motorcycle lithium battery companies making waves in the US. Whether you're a speed demon on the track or a weekend warrior hitting the open road, upgrading to a lithium battery can transform your riding experience. Remember, the right battery not only powers your bike; it powers your adventure. Ride on, and ride long!